Mother Love Bone - Stardog Champion

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18 Wyswietleń
Tekst piosenki - Mother Love Bone - Stardog Champion

San Francisco, where the flowers bloom in spring
I said, fade to winter - and see what disease brings
Augustino, with his eyes once a shining sea
I said he\'s half a shadow - God don\'t let that be me
I\'m a Stardog Champion

West Virginia, that\'s where my father lies
He was a wartime hero, the kind that money buys
It\'s a diamond bracelet, for my mommy\'s memory
That\'s all she wrote boy - that\'s all she wrote for me

I\'m a Stardog Champion
I\'m a Stardog
That\'s right

And the children
They used to sing of love
With Grace
From the Lord above
I said the children they used to sing out loud
Sing it loud
Mother Love Bone, Stardog Champion, Rock, Tekst piosenki
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